Why You Should Move Your Wealth Out of Hong Kong and Into the VAULTALP Switzerland Gold Vault Storage Service

China has formally approved to impose national security legislation in Hong Kong, leading to very serious concerns about liberty in the partially-autonomous region. Many HNWI and institutional investors in Hong Kong have been looking for safe options to move their wealth out of Hong Kong, safe from confiscation or appropriation. The VAULTALP Switzerland Gold Vault Storage Service offers Hong Kong residents the perfect solution to secure their wealth in this turbulent period.

China restricting freedom in Hong Kong

China’s National People’s Congress this week approved the proposal to introduce national security legislation in Hong Kong as a means of targeting “splittism, subversion of state power, terrorism or interference by foreign countries or outside influences” according to the FT.  This prompted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to declare that Hong Kong no longer has a high degree of autonomy from China.  This announcement sent shares tumbling on the Hang Seng index and opens the door for further sanctions against individuals and businesses, and puts at risk various special trade and investment privileges.

Long term prosperity under threat

Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1999 after ruling the territory for 156 years under a “one country, two systems” policy, set in place to guarantee Hong Kong 50 years of autonomous rule away from the grasp of China.  During this period Hong Kong grew to be a major global financial centre.  HNWI and institutional investors in Hong Kong are notably unsettled after this long period of stable prosperity seems to be under threat from China.

Gold wealth preservation

For HNWI and institutional investors in Hong Kong looking to preserve their wealth away from potential capital controls, VAULTALP offers ultra-secure sales and storage for gold in Switzerland and other strategic global locations.  The ability to buy gold with Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum offers an added layer of flexibility to this offshore gold service.  Secure your wealth now before it is too late.  Get in touch with VAULTALP now to speak to one of our Directors.

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