Funding Options

VAULTALP enables you to fund your account with traditional fiat currencies, alternative currencies, and also physical gold.

Fund your account with fiat currencies, alternative currencies, or even physical gold.

With this level of flexibility, you can optimise your portfolio with ease.

VAULTALP provides an on/off ramp for fiat currencies, the ability to deposit alternative currencies, and even accepts deposits of physical gold to exchange for alternative currencies via our trading platform.

Fund your account with Fiat currency

Fund your account via bank wire transfer with USD, EUR or CHF, with rapid processing times you can be set up and trading within 24 hours with no account limits and minimal fees.

VAULTALP - Buy gold in Switzerland

Fund your account with physical gold

VAULTALP Funding Options

  • Fiat currencies USD, EUR, CHF with ultra-low fees and no account limits
  • Alternative currencies can be transferred directly to your segregated wallet
  • Rapid processing times enable you to start trading quickly
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