Jurisdictional Diversification

The importance of jurisdictional diversification: why you should store your wealth offshore

Switzerland is the number one country in the world for offshore assets.

With a total of 2.3 trillion USD in offshore assets held within its borders, it holds more than double the country in 2nd place: Singapore, with 1 trillion USD in offshore assets.

Without a doubt, the global financial community sees Switzerland as the preeminent destination for offshore assets. Why so?

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We can point out two very important factors:

  • Gold companies in Switzerland must be regulated as according to FINMA, the Swiss financial regulator.
  • Swiss laws of bailment permits custody of assets to be handed over to a regulated Swiss financial intermediary like VAULTALP, whilst the owner retains full title and ownership of the assets.
Trading and Storage Fees

Keeping your gold assets outside of the traditional banking system means you should absolutely ensure you chose the safest option for storage.

By placing your assets into the custody of VAULTALP you are moving the jurisdiction of your assets to Switzerland, and with that comes the full protection and privacy of Swiss law.

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Switzerland is the number one destination for offshore assets due to its stable political system that holds privacy and individual property rights as key principles. If you buy and store gold in Switzerland, you are guaranteed the security, discretion and stability that is essential for the jurisdiction in which you store your assets.

funding options

With VAULTALP, your gold assets are stored in institutional-grade vaults, outside of the traditional banking system with absolute privacy and security. Should you wish to store your assets in Switzerland in a state of the art Swiss vault, VAULTALP has ultra-secure alpine vaults that are built to the highest security standards.

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VAULTALP Jurisdictional Diversification

  • Client retains full ownership of assets under Swiss laws of bailment
  • Assets held under Swiss jurisdiction
  • Swiss privacy and security
  • State of the art vaults with full insurance coverage
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