Buy Gold Switzerland

Buy Gold Switzerland with VAULTALP: physical gold bars delivered globally with insurance or stored in our Alpine gold vault, LBMA 9999 gold bars, fully insured, with serial numbers registered to your account


Buy Gold in Switzerland on the VAULTALP online platform at the best rates, direct from the refinery.

We sell Valcambi gold bars in 100 gramme and 1 kilogram format. All bars are LBMA 9999 approved and are completely tax-free. If you buy gold bars with VAULTALP you are assured of absolute discretion.

You can choose to have your gold bars delivered with insurance or stored in your own fully-segregated account in our ultra-secure, fully insured, Swiss gold vault.

Individual gold bar serial numbers will be registered to your account.

All bars are LBMA 9999 approved

You can Buy Gold in Switzerland easily online at VAULTALP

We have developed a unique platform enabling our clients to buy gold for storage in our ultra-secure alpine vault, or for direct, insured delivery.

You can buy gold bars with USD, EUR and CHF, Ethereum. Our online trading platform allows you to manage your account online and buy and sell assets easily. You can also sell your gold bars back to us at the best rates and receive payment in fiat money or alternatives!

At VAULTALP we sell gold bars from one of the most renowned Swiss gold refineries: Valcambi. We sell 1 kilogram and 100 gramme 9999 purity Valcambi gold bars. These are cast gold bars that come with their Valcambi assay certificate.

Buying Gold Bars

If you choose to buy gold, owning gold in physical form is the most secure form of long-term wealth preservation. It is possible to buy paper gold online, but the fact of the matter is you may only have title to gold that may or may not exist in physical form, and which may be part of a larger bar shared with other clients. Clearly, having fully segregated gold bars, with each bar serial number registered to your account is the safest form of gold ownership.

VAULTALP - Access your segregated gold and crypto storage anywhere with the VAULTALP app.

Buy Gold in Switzerland easily with minimal effort

  • Physical gold bars delivered to your door or stored in our Alpine gold vault
  • Full insurance for delivery and storage
  • Buy gold bars with a range of currencies
  • Sell your gold back to us and receive payment in EUR, USD or CHF
Segregated VAULT Storage
Vault Alp fees

What are LMBA 9999 approved gold bars?

LBMA stands for the London Bullion Market Association, which is a global authority that regulates the trading of gold and silver in London. LBMA 9999 approved gold bars are gold bars that have been manufactured by LBMA-approved refiners and have a purity of 99.99%.

LBMA-approved refiners must meet strict criteria for responsible sourcing of gold, ethical business practices, and technical competence. They must also comply with LBMA’s Good Delivery rules, which include requirements for the weight, dimensions, and appearance of gold bars.

LBMA 9999 approved gold bars are widely recognized and trusted in the global gold market. They are typically used for investment purposes, and their purity and authenticity are verified through rigorous testing and auditing procedures.

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