Gold Security

World-class security with full insurance coverage protects your assets

Protecting your investments is our first priority

VAULTALP puts security at the forefront of all our operations. We specialise is providing ultra-secure Alpine vault storage for our client’s assets.

With VAULTALP, your gold assets are stored in institutional-grade vaults, outside of the traditional banking system with absolute privacy and security.

Should you wish to store your assets in Switzerland in a state of the art Swiss vault, VAULTALP’s Gold security is ultra-secure, using alpine vaults that are built to the highest security standards.

Gold Vault Security

The VAULTALP gold vault offers maximum physical protection and full insurance for your gold investments.  Your gold bars are regularly audited and kept in a fully segregated area of the vault, separated from other client assets.

Segregated VAULT Storage

Segregated Storage

  • VAULTALP only offers fully segregated storage, ensuring all assets always remain in the client’s name.
  • Your assets will always belong to you, and will never be co-mingled with other client assets, nor will they ever appear on the VAULTALP balance sheet.
  • They will always be your assets, held in a segregated account in your name.

Personal Information Security

Your personal information is held on ultra-secure servers that have been audited to Swiss FINMA e18/03 compliance standards.

VAULTALP - Buy gold in Switzerland

Platform Security

The VAULTALP trading platform has been built to the highest security standards and is hosted in ultra-secure Swiss security facilities.

Vault Alp features

VAULTALP Security Features

  • Full insurance for gold assets in our vaults
  • Fully segregated client accounts, no co-mingling of client assets
  • 2FA Google authentication to ensure account security
  • Kill switch to disable account activity in case of threat
  • Customisable time delays for asset withdrawal
  • Email confirmation for all logins to your account
  • SSL encryption
Gold Security
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