Why You Should Buy Gold Bars

Gold has held its value for thousands of years, and it is as popular an investment now as it was ever.

This article will attempt to explain why you should buy gold bars in an attempt to protect your wealth from a modern point of view. Hard-earned wealth is under attack from all sides.  Take inflation for example.  The Fed would have you believe that inflation is transitory, yet official numbers show inflation was 6.8% in the US last year.  The Fed is now back-peddling on the ‘transitory’ point, with Jerome Powell stating that “I think it’s probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what we mean.”  Janet Yellen went on to say “I can agree that that hasn’t been an apt description of what we are dealing with.”  There’s the Fed finally admitting what has been obvious for the whole world to see.

The centrals banks around the world used up one of their two weapons during the 2008 sub-prime crisis. By decreasing interest rates to negative values, the central banks desperately tried to keep the economy afloat. Now however, with the central banks trapped in a negative interest rate spiral, they were left with only one option: print print print!  Half of all dollars ever created were printed in the last year alone.  The sooner the world realises that their central banks are intentionally making them poorer, the better.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold Bars

Now is the time to exchange increasingly worthless fiat for solid gold bars.

Buy Gold Bars, not XAU

Given that your gold investment should form the most secure tranche of your wealth, it is bewildering that many investors choose to invest not in gold, but in gold paper derivatives.  XAU, the internationally accepted symbol for paper gold, is not the same as a bar of gold.  For example, when an investor buys XAU, they are certainly not buying physical gold.  What they are buying is a contract with a service provider to invest in a paper instrument that is tied to the price of gold.  There is no physical gold in sight and as such there are risks associated with investing in XAU.  If for example there is a liquidity crisis, you are fully at the mercy of the technology behind the platform you are using.  Given that you would be entering into a debtor / creditor relationship with the company you are buying the XAU from, what would happen to your investment if the company went bankrupt?

If you buy gold bars from VAULTALP, each individual gold bar serial number is registered to your account.  Stored in an ultra-secure Swiss vault, your gold bars are fully your property, and can be securely delivered at any time.

Segregated Gold Storage, Not Allocated

Many companies offer investors the chance to invest in ‘real’ gold.  But dig a little further and all is not what it may seem.  You may imagine you will be investing in a gold bar or coins that will be stored in the company vault.  It may be worth checking the small print first.  Many companies offer what is called ‘allocated’ storage.  Allocated gold storage means that the company must keep set aside the same amount of gold that its customers have bought.  In reality this often means ‘your’ gold doesn’t really exist.  All you own is the right to take the same quantity of gold out of the company stores.

VAULTALP only offers client segregated gold storage.  Segregated gold storage differs from allocated gold storage in many ways.  The most important being that with segregated gold storage, each individual bar that you own is registered as your property, and no one else’s.  This is achieved by registering each bar serial number to your account, thereby ensuring absolute clarity on title of ownership.  In the event of a major financial crisis, having co-ownership of assets may leave you empty handed in the order of precedence, with banks and the government having first grabs on any assets.  With VAULTALP, your gold is held off our balance sheet, and is classed 100% as your property.

Ultra-Secure Swiss Gold Vault Storage

The global banking system has collapsed on several occasions now, and looking at the actions of the centrals banks in the past two years it would be wise to prepare for the next collapse.  With physical gold forming the bedrock of your wealth, you must ensure that it is stored in the safest possible manner.  Firstly, vault security.  VAULTALP stores client gold in the Brinks vault in Zurich.  Each bar of gold that you decide to store with us will be received at Brinks, documented fully, and then the serial number will be registered to your account and moved to your fully segregated area of the vault.  It will remain there until you instruct us to deliver or sell it.

Of equal importance is the jurisdiction in which you store your gold.  Various countries have, in times of economic crisis, confiscated gold from citizens and institutions.  See Executive Order 6102.  Switzerland stands out like a beacon of individual property rights compared to most countries.  Being the number one destination for offshore assets, Switzerland acts as the premier safe haven for global financial assets.  We can offer you the most secure and discrete service providing the benefits of the solid Swiss jurisdiction.

Secure Delivery for Gold Bars

Should you wish to take delivery of your gold bars directly after purchase via our online platform, or after storing them in our ultra-secure gold vault, we can send your gold bars to you without delay.  We offer ultra-secure, discrete shipping on a global scale.

Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Via our online platform, you can buy gold bars with a variety of fiat currencies, including Euro, USD, and CHF.  In addition, we also offer the facility to buy gold with bitcoin and other crypto currencies via our online platform.  Should you wish to trade in the other direction, we also offer the facility for our clients to exchange their gold bars for crypto.  We accept gold that has been bought from us and also gold that you have bought elsewhere.


There are many compelling reasons for investors to buy gold bars.  As per above, the fundamental flaws the current economic system demand that any investors who wishes to preserve their wealth should hold a significant portion of their portfolio in gold.  And when we say gold, we mean real gold bars that the investor has full ownership and title to.  When the crisis hits, and hyperinflation kicks in, the last you want is to be fighting over what part of a shared gold bar you own.

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